Is It Really Possible To Predict The Results of Roulette at Casinos with Live Dealers?

University Professors Claim They Can Beat Roulette At Casinos With Live Dealers

Ever since roulette was first introduced around 200 years ago, people have been trying to come up with a legitimate way to beat the game by predicting the number or area of the wheel the ball will land in.

Recently, two university professors have claimed that it is possible to estimate the ball’s eventual destination. They say that, if the ball’s starting point is known, the velocity and deceleration rate of the ball can be measured to give a reasonable prediction of where the ball will land. Their method claims to remove the house edge of 2.7% (with a European wheel) and give the player an 18% advantage. If this were true, it would mean a massive advantage to the player.

The problem with the method is that casinos with live dealers don’t allow any sort of device to be used when playing and so using the method would definitely be considered cheating. The method does not work on online versions since they use random number generator software to determine the results of each spin.

In other words, we’re still no closer to a strategy which can successfully predict the outcome of a game without resorting to cheating.