Playing Poker Live A Pro

Playing poker has never been so easy after the arrival of the internet. Many people play poker at the land based casinos while many others opt for the online version.

Omaha holdem

Among the most popular kind of poker games to be played at the online casinos is the Omaha holdem. It is close in race to the other popular Texas holdem. Having a style similar to Texas holdem, the Omaha holdem follows a similar style, but players are allowed four personal cards and they can share five community cards. But if you look at the commercial angle, the Texas holdem fetches more money for the gaming industry. Poker, played at the world championship level is also the Texas holdem variety.

It is supposedly the most revenue earning of the lot. Among the most popular hands for a win in the game of poker are the five of a kind, straight flush, three of a kind, two pair, pair and high card. Depending on their rank, the hands are named. Multiple combinations are allowed by the cards. But poker has become popular because of the millionaire awards. It was only in 2005 that the WSOP was won by an Australian.

Joseph Hachem is a poker role model

Of Lebanese origin, Joseph Hachem won the 2005 World Series of Poker Championship. Single handedly, Hachem popularized the sport in Australia and elsewhere. Nowadays more people in Australia want to take part in tournaments and want to give their best shot. Being highly competitive in spirit, Australians love to give their best shot and play hard any game they fancy. And poker has suddenly been catapulted to center stage, thanks to Joseph Hachem. For Australians, playing poker is nothing new.

Pokies or the poker machine at the casinos was very popular. Part of the gaming culture revolved around sharing a beer with a mate and asking him if he was interested in a game of poker online. In a country with a population that is a fraction of the worlds, poker machine sales account for a fifth of the global production. With the development of internet technology and Hachem\’s win at the WSOP, interest in the game has grown manifold.

Poker has taken on new dimensions and interest in the online casinos has gone up in the last ten years. Not only have they been able to bring the game into Australian homes, but with adoption of newer methods and technology, the game has become more realistic. People were wondering whether the random generated numbers in simulated online stuff was for real. Players wondered if there was a devil lurking somewhere to flinch them.

But playing poker with live dealers has made it more exciting and real. With interaction made possible, poker has busted popularity charts in recent years.