Live Dealer Blackjack – How To Play In Live Option

Crazy 21 From Entwine: Live Variation On Blackjack

Entwine is one of the leading live dealer blackjack platforms. So, it is a bit strange that they don’t offer a live dealer blackjack game. They do, however, have a game called Crazy 21 which is very similar to blackjack. Many players will certainly love mixing things up a bit with this game – especially since it is played live on a very nice setup.

How to PlayJust like with blackjack, the aim of Crazy 21 is to have a higher value hand than the dealer but without going over 21. To get blackjack, you have to get it on your first two cards. To play Crazy 21, you must make a regular live dealer blackjack bet on the dealer or player. You can take out insurance when the dealer’s first card is an Ace by wagering half your ante bet; this will cover you against the dealer getting a natural 21.

With this variation of live dealer blackjack, you can also make 3 optional side bets. The first is called a “safe bet” and is placed if you think that your first 2 cards will total between 12 and 16 without an Ace or any pairs. A safe bet pays out 3:2. The “highest hand bet” is available when playing 2+ hands. You bet on which hand you think will have a higher value. The final is the jackpot bet. It gets placed if you believe your first 2 cards will be 2 sevens. Then, if you get another seven, you win 1500! If you get 3 sevens of Spades, you get 30,000.

FeaturesEntwine generally does a good job of delivering their live dealer blackjack Crazy 21 in a way which is fun to play. You won’t exactly feel like you are in a real live dealer blackjack because the streaming window is in small screen. However, the playing table is a nice 3D quality. You get extra features like a bet history but this does make the layout a bit cluttered.

Keep in mind that this live dealer blackjack is targeted towards Asian players so the colors are a lot bolder. You can’t chat with the dealer during this game. There is about 30 seconds between deals and a countdown clock telling you how much time you have left to make your bets.