How to Use a Betting System In Baccarat?

How To Apply The Martingale System To Baccarat

The martingale system is very popular when betting on the even chances in roulette, but it is also the most famous system used in baccarat. The idea is that you continue to play on the same chance and remove your winnings after each hand. When you lose, you should double your bet to recuperate the previous loss.

So if €10 is the betting unit you choose and you lose three hands, you will have bet €10, €20 and €40. The next bet will be €80 which means if you win, you will win back what you lost in the previous hands and win roughly 1 betting unit (there is usually a 5% “tax” on winning bank bets). The issue here is that you could end up betting large amounts quite quickly and you then find yourself risking a lot of money for just 1 betting unit.

Another problem is that, while the law of averages says the system should work in the long run, the “long run” is an undetermined amount of games. The casino’s bankroll is likely to be bigger than yours, so you should be very careful when you use a system like this. The other aspect to consider is that the table maximum is likely to be reached after roughly 10 losses in a row and this would stop you dead in your tracks!